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 *don’t delete the text kk*  Introducing my first faves! So I promised to do something at 2k followers (I’m a little late, sorry) so I decided to make a page showcasing 15 gorgeous blogs (depending on the notes)   RULES:   • pbf me  • reblog this post  • fill out this quick form • be willing to add a link on your blog   PERKS:   • a follow from me (if not already) • up to 2 promos a week  • every two weeks or so, I’ll choose one of my faves to be promoted  • have your blog showcased here as a designer brand (under construction)   HIGHER CHANCE:   • reblog this a ton  • tag a post with #blanchanel and #blanchanlesfaves telling me about yourself, which designer you want to be, and why I should choose you • follow me here and message me your username choosing when I’m happy with the notes

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UPDATE: I meant to put the form in “higher chance” so you do not have to fill it out

"An object of desire". Alena Blohm by Max Hoell for Qvest Winter 2011

Minimal style

Emma Stone outside the Good Morning America studios before an interview on July 16th 2014 in New York City 

what a show-stopper.